Artisan Application


SATURDAY, JUNE 1st, 2024 10am6pm
SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2024 10am – 5pm

We are pleased to invite you to apply for a booth space in this year’s Festival - and a special thanks to all who participated last year. We will be accepting a total of approximately 250 artists and craftsmen. Our Festival is a two-day event and all exhibitors must participate both days. There is no teardown Saturday evening and security is provided overnight.

  1. The Montrose Arts & Crafts Festival is open only to original items created by the exhibitor. If you plan to sell products that you do not make, please DO NOT APPLY. Should you attempt to supplement your handcrafted inventory with commercial or manufactured items, you will be asked to remove them, so please do not bring such items with you. Any exhibitor found selling items not made by them may be asked to leave the show with no refund of the entry fee. Our Festival is juried from photos and the descriptions you provide. Therefore, the quality of your photo presentation is important. Decisions of the jury are final. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any exhibitor whose work is not approved by the jury. The following items are not permitted at the Festival: imported goods, commercially manufactured goods, resale items, items assembled from kits or any mass-produced goods.
  2. Sharing booth spaces without prior approval of the jury is prohibited.
  3. ALL PREPACKAGED FOOD VENDORS: must secure a Los Angeles County Health Department permit as follows: Email your completed Community Event Temporary Food Facility Application (TFF) directly to or to no later than April 20, 2024. MSPA will collect all applications and permit fees on behalf of the L.A. County Dept. of Public Health. Your PayPal link to submit your fee as either “Pre- Packaged” or “Prepackaged with Sampling” can be found on the Arts & Crafts page of our website: NOTE: If you have an annual DPH permit as a vendor in our Sunday Harvest Market, you must provide us with a copy of your annual permit to avoid being charged the TFF fee.
  4. Clothing: Women’s clothing will be considered only if it is significantly embellished by hand painting, embroidery, appliqué, tie-dye, or similar method approved by the jury.
  5. Applications: If you did not participate last year, please include five (5) photographs which will not be returned: three (3) of your current work, one (1) of your booth set-up and one (1) of your workshop, studio or work area, accompanied by a description of your work. Photos are not required if you participated last year, unless your product assortment has significantly changed. On the application, please indicate the code for the category that best describes your craft or art.
  6. Application Deadline: submit your application and photographs online as soon as possible or by email to Applications will be accepted until the show is full. If mailing by USPS, use the following address:
    Montrose Arts & Crafts Festival
    P.O. Box 782
    Montrose, CA 91021
  7. Booth Fee Payment: After your entry is juried and accepted, you may pay by credit card using the PayPal link on our website at on the Arts & Crafts page. Do not pay your booth fee until your application has been accepted and your space confirmed. If paying by check, make payable to “MSPA” and mail to the above P.O. Box address.
  8. Booth Fees: $300.00 for a 10’ X 10’ space $350.00 for a 10’ X 10’ premium space**
    **A premium space is defined as a space that is situated to allow you to display on two sides.
    Do not submit payment for a premium space unless it has been confirmed as available to you.
  9. Notification: Applicants will be notified of their acceptance once they are juried in.
  10. Assignments: No space assignment will be guaranteed at the time of application, but we will give every possible consideration to our longstanding and returning participants. Once your space has been assigned to you, NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE.
  11. Refunds: No refunds will be given to any exhibitor who cancels less than fifteen (15) days prior to the Festival.
  12. Contact:Refer all questions and concerns to:
    Dale Dawson, Festival Coordinator
    Phone 818.541.0699 work or 818.621.0350 cell
    Fax 818.541.0699
    Email: or


Please read all of the enclosed information before filling out the application